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None of the others on the task force had noticed the widening of Ryuuzaki's eyes and Light was glad for that. He was also glad for the fact that L had been willing to explain why the simple mentioning of  'the eyes' had made him look so shocked.
All he needed to do now was wait a couple of days to give the impression that this plan took him a while to figure out and then he would ask L to get this BB, whoever he was, to help them with the Kira-investigation.
After all, if he had those eyes he was connected to the Shinigami in some way, or at least that was what Light assumed.
That would be the version he would tell L, anyway.
However, as soon as the mastermind detective had told him that this BB-person could see someone's lifespan and name ever since the day he was born, Light had made up a plan of his own. This guy would be his eyes, whether he liked it or not.
The only problem now was to get alone time with him before he would be permanently stuck to L, as Light was sure that would be what Ryuuzaki would suggest.
Rubbing his temples in annoyance, Light stole a glance at Ryuuk, but thought better of asking him about people born with 'the eyes'. Not like his demented version of a death god would know much, if anything, about it anyway.


"Well, I'm not too sure about this, Light-kun," L voiced his concerns through a mouthful of strawberry shortcake. "Let's assume that Kira 1, who doesn't possess the eyes, hooks up with Beyond? That would be just s bad as Kira 2 and him getting together."
"But, Ryuuzaki!" Light exclaimed, only partly feigning the impatience. "In this case, the benefits of having another mastermind – with special abilities, too – assist us with this case outweigh the drawbacks by far, don't you agree? We could be saving lives."
Ryuuzaki stared at the ceiling for a long time before finally turning his heavily bagged eyes on Light once more. "Alright. It's within my power to have Beyond released from prison. I'll arrange everything so that he'll be here at headquarters by tomorrow morning."
"Alright!!" Matsuda exclaimed joyfully, pumping a fist into the air.
Light and L exchanged a glance at Matsuda's antics but neither of them felt the need to comment.
"So, who will get him here?" Light curiously.
Before he'd made his request to L, he'd thought up a plan. Maybe, if it was unclear who would accompany the criminal from the prison in Los Angeles to Tokyo, he could volunteer. That would definitely give him some alone time with this guy.
"Hm, I'd say two of the task force members here," L mused, pressing his thumb against his lower lip. "Any volunteers?"
Light waited carefully as the other policemen exchanged worried glances, only Aizawa putting up his hand in the end.
Barely containing his grin, Light, too, raised his arm.
"So that's settled, then. It won't be suspicious if only one police officer goes amiss for a day. That's actually the best way to do this," L eyed Light suspiciously, but didn't voice his concerns. "In three hours, Mr. Aizawa and Light-kun will board the plane and pick up the mass-murderer Beyond Birthday."
As Light left the hotel room in Aizawa's wake, the grin finally broke free.
This would work.


While Aizawa sat in the front, stirring the police car the Los Angeles police department had provided especially for the occasion, Light had taken a seat next to the criminal in the back.
To be honest, Light was slightly creeped out by this person. Not that his lanky stature with the occasional burnmark wouldn't have been enough, no, this guy had put on a grin so wide, it seemed to stretch from one ear to the other. Not including the joker-like scar running up one of his cheeks.
Light tried to shake the feeling off. He needed to get his message across to the man so he could finally become the true god of this world, with his own pair of shinigami- eyes.
Staring straight ahead, so Aizawa wouldn't notice something was off, Light pulled a piece of paper and a pencil from his jeans' pocket and started to scribble down a message.
It was highly dangerous to write something like this down, but what choice did he have with Aizawa's watchful eyes a mere foot away.
Light only briefly considered the possibility that this criminal, a former successor to L, would still be faithful to L and no one else, but he abandoned that thought pretty quickly. After all, it'd been the detective who's, with a little help, arrested BB. Hate burned stronger than devotion, Light'd come to notice.
When he was done writing down how he was Kira and had a deal to offer him concerning his special ability, Light nudged the criminal's skinny knee with his own and turned the piece of paper slightly, so that BB could read its contents as well.
Beyond read the first line and immediately his head turned back to face the front of the car. Light had instructed him to pretend like nothing was going on.
So, nothing but his eyes moved as Beyond took in the hastily scribbled words.
Light hadn't thought it was possible, but the maniacal grin widened.
So this pretty boy is Kira? Well, well. Who'd have thought. Beyond cackled to himself lightly, causing Aizawa's eyes to shift from the road in front of them to the rear view mirror.
"What're you looking at, honorable detective?" Beyond said in a voice that made it clear the thought whatever Aizawa'd done to get to work with L, it could've never been enough. Never been more than what he'd done.
"You just keep it quiet back there."
"Quiet? So what if I'm bored?" Beyond raised one thin eyebrow at the back of Aizawa's fro. "And don't tell me you'll send me back to prison. I was under the strong impression that you guys lacked the wits to finish this case without me."
Light widened his eyes in bewilderment but said nothing. This guy sure knew how to sound polite but make everyone around him know that he thought they were dumb.
"So, pretty boy, how about you entertain me?" Beyond shifted in his seat so he was turned towards Light, one of his legs bent, his chin resting atop it. "If you're capable, that is."
If the brunette didn't know any better, he would have though Beyond Birthday was coming on to him. Of course, that thought was ridiculous. He wasn't gay. He was insane.
"Entertain you? Like how?" Light raisen an eyebrow and shifted in his seat towards the other as well. "Want me to show you some card tricks or what?"
"Ha!" Beyond let out a humorless bark of laughter, throwing his head back. "As if you could do that, anyway."
Light knew then why the criminal had started speaking at all.
Beyond was referring to the offer Light had scribbled down on the piece of paper. He'd promised the criminal that in the new world, under Kira's reign, he would be cleared of all charges.
Light could only guess why he was talking openly, if hidden behind polite conversation, about this. Maybe he wanted to test Light's intelligence? Given the description of his character L'd provided, that was the most likely cause.
"Oh, so you don't believe me?" Light said in a voice that sounded a tad too threatening for the topic of his ability to perform card tricks, but luckily Aizawa wasn't paying any particular attention to the two.
"It's not that I don't believe you, no, far from it," Beyond grinned broadly, running his index finger along the scar of his cheek. "It's more like I don't really think you'll go through with it."
Light cocked his head to the side, indicating his incomprehension.
"Go through with is until the very end," Beyond whispered the rest ominously, accompanying his statement by putting together the indexfinger and thumb of both of his hands and pulling them slowly apart.
Light by then knew that the person before him really wasn't all that insane. A little messed up in the head, yes, but not that far gone. Most of his insanity seemed like an act to cover up his true motives.
And sure enough, Aizawa'd sounded slightly alarmed at Beyond's statement but when he saw the gesture merely shook his head in annoyance.
"So you want promises, then? Solid proof that I will go through with it?" Light grinned back at the raven. So he thought that as soon as he'd outlived his usefulness, he would be killed? Not that he couldn't have been any righter, it just shocked Light to some extent that this stranger'd caught on so quickly, had figured out his motives so fast.
"Time will tell, Light Yagami," Beyond sighed, his eyes closed. Then he opened them randomly and turned towards Aizawa with sharp, quick movements. "Mr. Chauffeur, could you hurry up? I really got to go to the toilet and if I'm not mistaken, you just missed our exit."


The toilet situation was the perfect excuse for Light to finally be able to talk freely to the person soon to be his eyes. He'd convinced Aizawa to stand guard in front of the men's room door and went inside with Beyond himself.
"So, you are Kira." Beyond demanded in a harsh tone, his voice suddenly a lot deeper than the creepy sing-song one he'd used in front of Aizawa. "And you're in dire need of my help. That right?"
"I wouldn't put it like that but y-"
"Don't fuck with me, Light Yagami," Beyond snarled, pressing a boxcutter against his throat, only grazing the skin slightly. Where he'd gotten that, Light had no clue. "Yes or no?"
"Y-yes!" Light shoved the raven haired man away from him, re-straightening his tie. "That's why I even suggested to L to have you released from prison and brought to Tokyo to help with the case."
"Oh, you naughty boy," Beyond licked the small dibble of blood from the boxcutter's razor sharp blade and flipped it back into his pocket. "Tricked the almighty L."
Light didn't know what to reply and instead eyed the scrap on his throat in the mirror. Nothing Aizawa would notice.
"Did I mar your incredible beauty, pretty boy? Oh dear," Beyond cackled loudly, throwing his head back. Light couldn't help but notice that the sound wasn't entirely human whilst he blushed in fury. "What's with all the pretty boy-talk? We don't have any time to waste, you kno-"
"You think I'm stupid? Is that is, Light Yagami? You think you're any smarter than me?" once more Beyond's face was too close for comfort, but Light tried to keep his composure.
"No. I never said that, B."
Seemingly mollified, the raven stepped back, looking at himself in the mirror.
For a long time.
"Are you gonna be done anytime soon? Vanity is a mortal sin, you know."
BB grinned manically whilst he turned towards Light. "Is that so, god?"
"Oh, screw you and get out of here. Aizawa's gonna think we're doing god-knows-what in here," Light said in annoyance while he tried in vain to make Beyond budge away from the mirror.
"Oh, is he? We shouldn't let the poor sould think that without...," Beond's expression darkened – although the grin was still wide – whilst he stepped close to Light, towering over him. "...solid proof."
Light could barely process the thought 'What the flip?!' before the criminal's lips touched his ever so slightly.
He felt Beyond pull back slightly, so that his mouth was resting right next to Light's ear. "I agree with your little plan. I will help you as long as I get the chance to kill L. I have unfinished business and that's not something I like."
Beyond lightly bit Light's earshell before he sauntered back outside, his form shrunk in on itself, hands inside his jeans' pockets, leaving the college student standing there, staring on in shock.


L wasn't in the hotel room when they arrived. Neither were any of the others.
Usually at least one of them was required to stay at their makeshift headquarters at all times.
"Well, this is weird," Light mumbled, scratching the back of his head.
Beyond Birthday didn't seem to think the situation was weird at all for the simply sauntered over to the fridge and upon retrieving three glasses of jam, returned to flop down on the couch.
Both Aizawa and Light watched on in horror as the murderer dipped his index and middlefinger into the glass and transferred the sticky red substance to his mouth this way.
Licking the tip of his index finger clean, Beyond finally noticed the two others staring at him with shocked expressions. "What? Is there a bee or something?!"
"N-no," Aizawa's eyes returned to their regular size as he turned around and made a quick exit, mumbling something like 'finding the others'.
Light merely shrugged, sitting down on the free side of the green couch, leaning back against a pillow in exhaustion.
"Jetlag?" Beyond asked, draping his legs over Lights as though they were the best of friends, or, even worse, a married couple.
Light didn't have the energy to start a fuss over this so he merely smiled in return. "Yeah. Sort of."
"Too bad," Beyond cackled, purposefully smearing jam on Light's torn jeans at the knee.
"What the hell are you doing?" Light complained, shoving the others nimble fingers back roughly. "Those cost money, you know."
"I won't apologize for art."
Haha oh well :XD:

This is gonna be uploaded in two parts since I can't write any more before I go to the funny farm on tuesday ;)

It is sort of my imagination running wild on the pairing of Light x Beyond Birthday.
I kept wondering how those two could end up seeing each other, not to mention get together. And in the end my crazy brain manufactured this explanation ;)

There seems to be no way for them to be together without L, huh? D:

Also, sorry if they seem out of character or anything. I never wrote a fanfiction for this fandom before, soo...yeah :XD:
No clue if it's okay.
I tried to make them sound smart, but I think I ended up failing not succeeding xD
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